Ordering Process

1- Go to shop

2- Select what you want to buy and add to cart

3- Cart: You can add or delete to this cart, go back and edit contents and even navigate away from your cart. We will automatically send an email reminder for abandoned carts and by clicking the link in the email you would be able to retrieve your cart again.

4- Customer Information: Please enter the information that would be necessary to email you the purchase confirmation, send you your order, and bill you. The required parts are going to be highlighted and you would need to fill out those fields. You can come back to this stage and edit them at any time.

4- Check Out: You can either check out without creating an account with us (how naughty) or you can select to create an account for ease of use for your subsequent visits.

5- Shipping Method: When you click "Check Out" you will be able to see all the contents of your cart, and your shipping cost as well as shipping method (which is set to standard shipping for all orders). The total amount would be the total of the goods you have selected plus the shipping cost.

From here you can select "Continue to Payment Method" or you can go back to "Customer Information" and edit your entry.

6- Payment Method: The payment method is currently only PayPal and on this screen you can see the summary of your order with the shipping cost and the total. Here you will be able to select PayPal payment method which will open up in a new tab (window) for a secure purchase when you click "Complete Order"

Also in this screen you will still be able to edit your shipping and billing address and if necessary you can use both address fields.

PayPal Verification: A new PayPal window will open up and will ask you to enter your PayPal account details. On the top of the page Prana Chai Europe GmbH will appear.

Once you enter your account you will be able to finalise the payment, receive a confirmation from PayPal and from Prana Chai Europe GmbH regarding your purchase.